Plastic Surgery and exercise

Physical activity is essential for maintaining and potentially improving the results obtained in surgical procedures, but the big question is: when to return to physical exercise? Each procedure has a recommended timeframe for resuming exercise, and it is ideal to proceed gradually with light exercises, such as walking, preferably under the supervision of a professional. It is advisable that patients begin with short walks around the house from the first few days to prevent the risk of thrombosis and initiate the recovery of movement, but always with caution! The resumption of physical activities should be progressive, based on each patient’s recovery progress.

Another important tip is to always wear a compression garment and/or post-surgery bra. Proper use of these accessories can facilitate the return to physical activities. For more intense activities, clearance from your plastic surgeon is required, as each procedure has its own recovery time. Patience is key, as intensive workouts push our bodies close to their limits. It is recommended to start with lighter exercises, and if you experience any discomfort or pain, the activity should be immediately stopped. Finally, remember that good habits lead to a good recovery. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, follow the rest period prescribed by your doctor, maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and, if recommended by the surgeon, undergo lymphatic drainage sessions.

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