Plastic Surgery and Smoking

Plastic surgery and smoking is a very dangerous combination, but do you know why?

The dangers of tobacco are not only associated with the respiratory system. Smoking increases free radicals, which are molecules that cause premature aging of cells, leading to their quicker death.

Another major issue with tobacco use is that it reduces the thickness of blood vessels, impairing cell oxygenation and hindering the surgical procedure and the patient’s recovery. Smoking significantly increases potential post-operative problems, such as:

  • Incision site opening
  • Tissue necrosis
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Thrombosis due to blood circulation problems
  • Seroma accumulation, increasing the risk of infections
  • Nasal mucosa sensitivity (affecting the patient’s respiratory capacity)


Due to all the listed drawbacks and numerous others, it is recommended that the patient completely quit smoking at least 4 weeks before the procedures. Total cessation of smoking during the pre- and post-operative period ensures a more satisfactory result and reduces the chances of possible re-interventions, making plastic surgery safer!

It is of utmost importance to inform your doctor during the consultation if you are a smoker. Remember, safety comes first!

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